Feeling Better

After about three weeks of having a bug and then an allergy, I feel almost human. I am ready to start writing again. I have gotten away behind with my original goal and will probably have to reset it.

Right now I’m putting the material I had hand written on to Scrivener. I think I am going to like Scrivener when I get used to it. When I was sick I did a lot of reading, both fiction and non fiction. That is a good thing to do when you don’t feel like doing anything else. I think I’ve had my share of illness for the year!

I also had several thoughts for real blogs when I was sick, but I won’t write them yet because that would divert me from the novel again. I don’t see myself getting this novel finished before Christmas now unless there is a miracle.


Still Sick

I’m still sick. I have the never ending bug. Will just take it easy today and read.

No ROW80 progress.

Alas I am a Technophobe!

I really envy those who have no problems with computers, and anything connected to them. It takes me such a long time to get anything going. If I purchase new, life changing software it crashes immediately. I read the instructions and Q&A. It always seems like a foreign language. I am sure tech support hates me. Those who don’t have these problems can achieve a lot more, a lot faster.

There is nothing new and profound about this. It just explains why I sometimes appear to be lazy when I’m struggling like crazy to get all of these bugs straightened out.  I don’t seem to accumulate any learning regarding computers, every new thing is different. Either that or I forget everything I’ve learned, but I don’t forget other things that easily.

If I were trying to impress I would not be writing this. I’m just being honest. 

I will keep working on it. I am fortunately persistent. Did you know it is better to be persistent than clever or talented? It’s not always fun. I have 136 lb Saint Bernard who is looking very bored, and it’s a great, sunny day. I think Zeno and I will go out and play.

Flaking Out?

This is Wed 20th and in spite of my impressive start I’m flaking out. Still at 13,000 words. Didn’t like the way things were going and started reading instead of writing.Read about six thrillers one after the other. I will staart again soon but probably not tonight. I don’t feel guilty, I wasn’t wasting my time I was doing homework.

This is Wednesday

Wasn’t able to write for last two days. Had to do three days of writing today. I’m now up to 13,000 words, and the living room is full of empty dishes.

It was really difficult doing it all on the same day. That will teach me not to get behind. I should add that this is a rough estimate because I’m writing in the old fashioned way with paper and pen. It just feels better this way. I’m closer to my muse or something. Anyway the ROW80 is keeping me writing, but not sure what the quality of the writing is.


This is Sunday and I have now written 9800 words. I am not getting any comments or support. I guess support doesn’t matter if I keep writing.

I was supposed to check in yesterday for ROW80

I didn’t manage to check in yesterday. I had a medical appointment, and my neurotic Saint Bernard has seperation anxiety again. We thought he was cured, but since the fireworks he has been very antsy, and I returned home yesterday to find that drapes had been pulled down as had window screens. There were some other problems that I will leave to your imagination.

Last night I had the first good night’s sleep I have had in years. I got the loan of a CPap machine for five days. I feel so good. I have not been falling over with tiredness all day, I have not yawned all day and I’ve been doing writing work most of the day. This will make such a difference to my writing efforts because I have literally been falling over through lack of sleep for years.

I have written approximately 8,200 words so far. I don’t have an exact count because I am writing  on a notepad at the minute. Just feels more comfortable.

I got a beautiful five star review from the very talented Mel Comley.