Alas I am a Technophobe!

I really envy those who have no problems with computers, and anything connected to them. It takes me such a long time to get anything going. If I purchase new, life changing software it crashes immediately. I read the instructions and Q&A. It always seems like a foreign language. I am sure tech support hates me. Those who don’t have these problems can achieve a lot more, a lot faster.

There is nothing new and profound about this. It just explains why I sometimes appear to be lazy when I’m struggling like crazy to get all of these bugs straightened out.  I don’t seem to accumulate any learning regarding computers, every new thing is different. Either that or I forget everything I’ve learned, but I don’t forget other things that easily.

If I were trying to impress I would not be writing this. I’m just being honest. 

I will keep working on it. I am fortunately persistent. Did you know it is better to be persistent than clever or talented? It’s not always fun. I have 136 lb Saint Bernard who is looking very bored, and it’s a great, sunny day. I think Zeno and I will go out and play.


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