This is Wednesday

Wasn’t able to write for last two days. Had to do three days of writing today. I’m now up to 13,000 words, and the living room is full of empty dishes.

It was really difficult doing it all on the same day. That will teach me not to get behind. I should add that this is a rough estimate because I’m writing in the old fashioned way with paper and pen. It just feels better this way. I’m closer to my muse or something. Anyway the ROW80 is keeping me writing, but not sure what the quality of the writing is.


2 responses to “This is Wednesday

  1. You’re doing great. The main thing is that you got something accomplished, and quite a bit by the looks of it. Keep pressing forward and show your goals who the boss is!

  2. Catie Harrell

    I am impressed! 13,000 in one day?!? I want your secret!

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