I was supposed to check in yesterday for ROW80

I didn’t manage to check in yesterday. I had a medical appointment, and my neurotic Saint Bernard has seperation anxiety again. We thought he was cured, but since the fireworks he has been very antsy, and I returned home yesterday to find that drapes had been pulled down as had window screens. There were some other problems that I will leave to your imagination.

Last night I had the first good night’s sleep I have had in years. I got the loan of a CPap machine for five days. I feel so good. I have not been falling over with tiredness all day, I have not yawned all day and I’ve been doing writing work most of the day. This will make such a difference to my writing efforts because I have literally been falling over through lack of sleep for years.

I have written approximately 8,200 words so far. I don’t have an exact count because I am writing  on a notepad at the minute. Just feels more comfortable.

I got a beautiful five star review from the very talented Mel Comley.



One response to “I was supposed to check in yesterday for ROW80

  1. My border collie is terrified of fireworks too. She once wedged herself under a Jeep seat to try and hide from them. Good job on your goals!

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