My goal for round three.

My goa; for round three is to write at least the first draft of a 90,000 word novel. I need to write 1125 words per day at least. Since I’m writing with a pen and pad at the minute have no idea how I’m doing count wise and won’t know until I copy it on to the computer. I have written eight chapters already.

I’m not sure that understand how this works am I supposed to contact everyone on the list to ask how they are doing? That is a lot of people to contact. I have not done my quota today yet had a medical appointment and had to deal with a Saint Bernard who is spooked from all the fireworks, but even if I don’t get anything done today I’m going okay. 

If anyone reads this please don’t think of as my idea of a well written blog. I’m just scribbling about the contest and that may be all I do until the contest is over. The novel will take priority.

I have not figured out all the fancy blog stuff yet. If anyone is interested in the novel I have written it is called “Cries in the Dark” by P.A. Woodburn and is on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and the usual places. I am somewhat techno impaired that is probably why I haven’t set the blog up correctly yet.

Hope I can delete all of this stuff because I don’t want anyone to read it except the other contestants.

On to be writing for tonight.


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